Poverty Eradication

“Our country is committed for sustainable development. During our strategic planning process, we have examined the political economy of Rwanda’s NST1 as well as other existing programs like VUP and noticed that there is strong government commitment to shape the specific characteristics of the political settlement which started around 2000. Our aim is not just a social transfer program, but being a key partner of development strategy implementation, with the aim of promoting social welfare through partnership with local churches and local government, formation and support transformative Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and agriculture support to direct beneficiaries. We will sensitize our beneficiaries to increase domestic savings, modernize and increase the productivity of agriculture and livestock and will sensitize them to increase their participation and engagement in development”


Increasing our contribution on poverty eradication and promotion of social welfare


  • Youth capacity building through TVETs and a package of technical support after graduation towards jobs creation and sustainable businesses
  • Form, train and support transformative Self-Help-Groups (S.H.Gs) encourage IGAs and linkages to existing financial institutions.